During the 9 days in Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey and Poovar we forgot all our day-to-day business and just enjoyed the trip. Munnar has been exciting for the completely different landscape and climate with the tea plantations, tea factories and natural reserves. The Deshadan Hotel at 1600m was great, a clean and cool place, remote with nice people and excellent service. The Grand Thekkady was Good,. We changed the room twice due to noisy guests and surrounding, but finally ended up in one of the suites. Thekkady we liked because of the Periyar National Park with its animals, the Ayurvedic Massage and the Martial Arts and Theatre Performance we had on one night. Very interesting and presenting a completely different picture of the broad Indian cultural variety. The boat trip with EVERGREEN has been the highlight of the tour for us and we regretted not having extended our stay on the boat for one day. We dived into a completely different world of living and did not want to leave the vessel. We will definitely do it again one day. The rooms were great, the boat has been the most modern on the whole water way, the service and loyalty of the staff was excellent. The food was somehow surprising: Indian Food without spices and chilly. We also appreciate your flexibility with the rooms. The last stop has been at Poovar, the Ayurvedic Beach Resort Isola di Cocco has been just perfect for us after lots of riding on snake roads: Pool, Beach, Sand, Fish and superb rooms, furnished with old furniture. The resort was almost empty until the weekend and so we enjoyed the quietness and remoteness. The food has been OK, the service staff seems to have been still in the training process, but it was OK for us. End of season was approaching. This we could also experience with the Ayurvedic massages offered by the Hotel in Thekkady the massage has been one of the best we had. Satheesh, the driver drove extremely good and relaxed and was also helpful when communicating. We admire him for his coolness on the snake roads and behind trucks, buses and tricycles. To make the long story short: A perfect trip with perfect accommodation and sightseeing and with a perfect driver! We are sure to do parts of it again. Thank you for organizing the tour and choosing the right people and places! Best regards, Carsten & Luigina Blaich Germany